How SwellGel works...

SwellGel is a free-flowing granular material, that is simply mixed with your preferred growing media.

Absorbing water...

When irrigation or rainfall occurs, the SwellGel granules are activated and expand into thousands of self-contained ‘reservoirs’, each absorbing hundreds of times their own weight of water.

The developing plant roots quickly grow right into, and through, these SwellGel ‘reservoirs’, thus gaining access to almost 100% of the stored water.

Here's the magic...

The stored moisture is only released to the plant as and when it is needed, thus reducing the risk of over watering!

Drying out and water loss are greatly reduced, and watering frequencies are cut by up to 75%.

All the benefits...

• SwellGel absorbs and stores dissolved nutrients which the plant roots then extract from these ‘reservoirs’ which they do at the same time as they extract the moisture.

• SwellGel is fully capable of absorbing and releasing many times over a two year period.

• SwellGel greatly increases and maintains air content, keeping settlement and compaction to a minimum as well as keeping drainage channels open during prolonged wet periods.

• SwellGel provides the most favourable long term conditions for stress free establishment and growth.

• SwellGel reduces the need for further input costs, ensuring greater all around success from a ‘one-off’ application.

• SwellGel is also non-toxic, biodegradable, has a neutral pH and is inert, thus making it suitable for use with any plant species.