How does SwellGel work?

As water is absorbed by the granules, a lattice work structure inside expands holding water in place. If the level of water in the compost drops then water is released from the gel into the compost. Plant roots also grow through the SwellGel where they can take up water directly.

Does SwellGel reduce the quantity of water needed?

The addition of SwellGel does not reduce the plants water requirement, what it does do is reduce watering frequency needed and reduces the wastage when watering.

Is SwellGel suitable for all plants?

SwellGel is non-toxic, has a neutral pH and is inert making it suitable for any plant species.

What is the rate of application per litre of compost?

In tubs, pots and containers the rate 1g per litre of compost. In hanging baskets this should be increased to 1.75g per litre. 5g = 1 teaspoon/scoop.

Why should my container be watered twice when first made up?

When SwellGel first holds water it takes a little time for the gel granules to fully swell (charge), hence the initial double water treatment ideally at 1 hour intervals.

The compost has overflowed, spilling out of the container?

This means that you have added more than the recommended quantity of SwellGel to you compost. Either remove the spillage until it is at its correct height. Better still, remove all compost, dilute with fresh compost and re-pot the container.

How long will SwellGel last?

SwellGel continues to absorb and release water for at least two years.

Is SwellGel biodegradable?

Yes, the action of sunlight and bacteria degrades the gel back to simple molecules, over a period of approximately 5 years.

The fruits on my tomatoes keep splitting - how can I prevent this?

Splitting normally results from irregular watering. To overcome this it’s advisable to water as regularly as possible, without over watering, of course. If regularly adding water by hand is difficult, then perhaps a drip irrigation system would help. Alternatively, incorporating SwellGel water-storing granules with the compost will help even out the water available to the plants between watering.