How far will 1kg go?

Hanging Baskets 25-33 x30cm diameter 15-20g each
Patio Tubs 30-33 x30cm 15g each
Bedding & Borders 1000 litres of compost
(14 x 70 litre bags)
5g per 5 litres
Houseplants Up to 400 houseplants ¼ scoop per litre
Soil Conditioning 20m² 50g per m²
Shrub Planting 50 plants 20g each
Tree Planting 7-8 medium trees 120-140g each
Hedge Planting 200 plants/whips 5g per plant/whip
Bedding/Pot Plant Production 1m³/1000 litres 1g per litre
Nursery Stock/Tree Production
1m³/1000 litres
1g per litre
Compost Additive
1m³/1000 litres
1g per litre

Typical examples based on 1kg SwellGel in each application

All application rates based on using dry SwellGel granules.

Use only as directed and do not exceed amount stated as this may cause compost to over expand when watered.

User guide and measuring scoop inside every pack. 1 scoop = approx 5g.