The Story of SwellGel

History and humble beginnings...

SwellGel was launched to the marketplace in the early 1990’s and was the original water storing granule setting the standard for all subsequent brands.

Having spent over a decade selling at all the major gardening shows including the world famous Chelsea Flower Show, as well as stocking good quality garden centres nationwide, the SwellGel brand has developed into the market leader in this niche sector of the gardening market.

We now supply gardeners, commercial growers and landscapers all over the world with this innovative and quality product delivered directly to your door.

SwellGel is subjected to extensive quality control checks before it is released for use in today’s horticulture. We do this to achieve maximum performance and benefits to your plants.

So ensure you buy SwellGel, the original and still the best water storing granule available, the essential additive for every planting occasion.