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Hanging Baskets


Hanging Basket


With a highly populated amount of plants in a relatively small amount of growing media, competition for water and nutrients is high.

SwellGel helps to maintain adequate water supplies and drastically reduces watering frequencies whilst providing an environment for improved plant growth.


• Mix with compost at planting up stage – mix dry granules into bottom ¾ of basket compost or add to compost as a pre-mix.
• Water well twice at 1 hour intervals to fully charge the SwellGel granules.


15-25cm (6-10in) diameter ....... 1-2 scoops
30-40cm (12-16in) diameter ..... 3-4 scoops
45-60cm (18-24in) diameter ..... 5-6 scoops
Or 1-2 scoops for every 10 litres of compost

Already planted hanging baskets:

• Make a number of holes in the compost and add SwellGel as directed in the table (opposite).
• Place ½ scoop measures of SwellGel into each hole.

1 scoop = approx 5g

Top Tip

Add 1 scoop of granules to 1 pint of water and allow to fully absorb water (approx 1 hour).

Put circle of plastic approx 12” diameter in bottom of basket next to moss/liner, pierce with a few holes. Add the 1 pint of gel then add compost as per the rate above to ¾ fill the basket, plant up as required and top basket with compost containing no SwellGel (as plants do not need it here).

After a few weeks the plants will have grown into the gel reservoir and the plants will colonise the gel. Watering frequencies will be greatly reduced and water retention will be ultimately increased.

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To assist transplant establishment:

For bare root transplants such as cabbages/strawberries simply make a planting hole and mix ½ scoop of dry SwellGel into each planting station. This will help to reduce transplant shock.

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